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Yay! JKR site updates

After several months of little activity, JKR finally updated her site several days ago! She changed the news page because she was as tired as everyone else of seeing the headline about the Edinburgh Book Festival. She's still working hard on HP:tHBP, and apparently her pregnancy is going well.

The rumors pages were also updated. Five rumors were debunked (aww...none of them were ours!). Neither Odessa nor I were aware that any of these things were even in question, although JKR's answers to several of them are probably going spark some intense scrutiny of the books by us and others! Anyway, the five ex-rumors are:
~Harry will not stand trial again in Book 6
~The Prewetts were Molly Weasly's brothers
~The Lestranges were not sent to kill Neville, only his parents
~Ron and Luna will not "hook up" in Book 6, and JKR hints that they never will.
~The OotP does *not* communicate using chocolate frog cards. (I really wish I knew where this one came from...)

In the explanation for the OotP communication thing, JKR mentioned that while they do not use chocolate frog cards, they do communicate with a wand method. In fact, she continues, we have seen their communication method in use even before we knew there was an OotP. Mmm...this requires closer scrutiny of the books...If you have any ideas, please email them to us!

Let's see...JKR also updated the FAQ section and the Extra Stuff section. Extra Stuff (under Miscellaneous) has more information on wands and Squibs. Those topics are in all caps when you go to the page.

I believe that those are all the updates. If you find any more, please email them to me!



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