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My, how time flies...

It's been a couple of months since I've updated. Geez...I actually hadn't realized that it had been *quite* that long. Sorry guys.

Ha. Who am I kidding? The site doesn't exactly have any traffic. In fact, I think that Odessa and I are pretty much the only people who ever visit the site. Ah, well. Our fame will come in due time.

And in the mean time, some interesting stuff has happened in the world of Harry Potter. The door on JKR's site opened on Halloween to reveal yet another puzzle and the titles of three chapters in book 6. The door closed again a few days later. The chapter titles will be posted in a new section of the site that we're working on, but not for a few days. Odessa and I do not have much time to spend working on the site until later this week or early next week.

In other news, Odessa and I are also planning to write more of the Snape/Hagrid Love Connexion during December. We won't bother posting it, though, until we know that people want to read more of it! We have quite a bit in store, such as Hermione becoming a vegan. That part is already written, actually.

So if you want more of your favorite stories or just plain want to let us know how much you love the site and wish we'd do more with it, feel free to email us ( or post in the guestbook! And then go tell all your friends about the site. ;)



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