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New information about HP6

J. K. Rowling has announced on her site (FAQ section, under "about the books") that she is indeed going to, uh, "off" someone in book six. As in kill. Tabitha expects that this killing will be more final that the killing of Sirius. (He's not dead, I swear! Email me for my reasons. I don't think Odessa has gotten that up on the site yet). There are quite a few interesting tidbits that have been added. And don't forget to poke around for Easter Eggs. If you find any, email us, please! Tabitha hasn't the time to search properly, unfortunately. :)

In other news...Tabitha has begun earnest work on the encyclonary. Hopefully the first bits of it will be up in the next couple of weeks. Odessa and Tabitha both are working on a new fanfic which will be posted in weekly sections starting next week.

Send us all your rumors/ideas/hopes/dreams for the series, however kooky and off the wall! heard it through the Grapevine!



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