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Book Six Announcement Imminent?

JKR seems to be gearing up for something big. She's made several big changes to the site in recent weeks, not the least of which was decorating the place for Christmas. There's an advent calendar on the "Extra Stuff" bulletin board, and each day another door opens. Some of the background noises have changed, including one very telling one: the typewriter sound that used to be in the background has stopped. It could mean nothing, and it could mean that she's done writing HBP (That's Half-Blood Prince, the title of Book 6, for those of you who didn't catch it).

Several of her recent updates suggest that she's been writing a lot. One, she says so in the "Daily News" article (that's on the main page) and two, she says so in the "Minesweeper update" (Extra Stuf -->Miscellaneous--).

And on the 14th of December, some really sharp-eyed person spotted a minor little detail change. In her Welcome message, she changed one little phrase. "...and when I can announce that I've finished book six...and no, that's not going to happen very soon," has become, "...and when I can announce that I've finished book seven...and no, that's not going to happen very soon." (Thank you, Leaky Cauldron!)

Hmm...this gets the Ladies of Shadow to thinking...(okay, Lady of Shadow. Odessa is sick and as far as I know, knows nothing of any of the past few days' happenings.) In my personal opinion, she is getting ready to announce something big on either Christmas (December 25) or possibly Epiphany (Jan 6). Or maybe even both...! I have many reasons for this suspiscion. (Pardon my atrocious spelling, please. It's late.) Christmas is a major holiday in the books. The last time the Mysterious Door opened was on Hallowe'en (another major holiday.) The door also opened in June and August. Each opening is two months apart. That's two clues right there.

She mentions in the most recent "News" update that her third child is racing Harry's next adventure into the world. She announced in July that she was expecting, and that the child is due next year. This means that the kid is due anywhere from early January to sometime in March. My guess is that it's due sooner rather than later. She probably sat on the news for a bit.

Also, the fifth book was released in June. Books usually have release dates announced six months in advance. If she announces on Christmas when the book is going to be released, then it's likely to be released in June.

NOTE: this is all speculation! And theory! And some wishful thinking!



Yay! Grapevine updates!

Tabitha has just finsihed changing some things on the Grapevine. She finally went and changed out the ugly brown background for something more tasteful, and she made some other small cosmetic changes to the site as well.

Tabitha also registered the Grapevine for a webring tonight. It's pending verification, but she doesn't see why the site won't be approved. Hopefully, we'll start getting a few more hits this way... :)


Yay! JKR site updates

After several months of little activity, JKR finally updated her site several days ago! She changed the news page because she was as tired as everyone else of seeing the headline about the Edinburgh Book Festival. She's still working hard on HP:tHBP, and apparently her pregnancy is going well.

The rumors pages were also updated. Five rumors were debunked (aww...none of them were ours!). Neither Odessa nor I were aware that any of these things were even in question, although JKR's answers to several of them are probably going spark some intense scrutiny of the books by us and others! Anyway, the five ex-rumors are:
~Harry will not stand trial again in Book 6
~The Prewetts were Molly Weasly's brothers
~The Lestranges were not sent to kill Neville, only his parents
~Ron and Luna will not "hook up" in Book 6, and JKR hints that they never will.
~The OotP does *not* communicate using chocolate frog cards. (I really wish I knew where this one came from...)

In the explanation for the OotP communication thing, JKR mentioned that while they do not use chocolate frog cards, they do communicate with a wand method. In fact, she continues, we have seen their communication method in use even before we knew there was an OotP. Mmm...this requires closer scrutiny of the books...If you have any ideas, please email them to us!

Let's see...JKR also updated the FAQ section and the Extra Stuff section. Extra Stuff (under Miscellaneous) has more information on wands and Squibs. Those topics are in all caps when you go to the page.

I believe that those are all the updates. If you find any more, please email them to me!




I finally found the sheet of paper where I wrote down the three chapter titles tha JKR released on Halloween. They are: Felix Felicis, Draco's Detour, and Spinner's End. Personally, I think that Felix Felicis could refer to either a spell or the person who was described in the text behind the door the first time it opened. I can't remember if I have that posted here anywhere, but I'll check and update again over the weekend. Cheery-o!



My, how time flies...

It's been a couple of months since I've updated. Geez...I actually hadn't realized that it had been *quite* that long. Sorry guys.

Ha. Who am I kidding? The site doesn't exactly have any traffic. In fact, I think that Odessa and I are pretty much the only people who ever visit the site. Ah, well. Our fame will come in due time.

And in the mean time, some interesting stuff has happened in the world of Harry Potter. The door on JKR's site opened on Halloween to reveal yet another puzzle and the titles of three chapters in book 6. The door closed again a few days later. The chapter titles will be posted in a new section of the site that we're working on, but not for a few days. Odessa and I do not have much time to spend working on the site until later this week or early next week.

In other news, Odessa and I are also planning to write more of the Snape/Hagrid Love Connexion during December. We won't bother posting it, though, until we know that people want to read more of it! We have quite a bit in store, such as Hermione becoming a vegan. That part is already written, actually.

So if you want more of your favorite stories or just plain want to let us know how much you love the site and wish we'd do more with it, feel free to email us ( or post in the guestbook! And then go tell all your friends about the site. ;)




Odessa and I are adding two new fanfics to the site. One, Harry Potter and the Last Prophecy, is an alternate book six. Odessa and I are writing it together. The other, "The Snape/Hagrid Love Connexion", is a spoofiction story.

Wait, I know what you're thinking. "Isn't the term fanfiction?"
Well, technically, it is. But TSHLC is...not fanfic. It is spoofiction (spoof + fiction). The situation we have laid out is so rediculous that even Odessa and I don't believe it. We are making fun of the characters and of a "rumor" we found on a rumor site one day. It read something along the lines of: "A student and teacher will get married, but not to eachother. High speculation rests on Snape and Hagrid."

Being the twisted minds that we are, we ran with that, and TSHLC is what resulted. Enjoy! We hope you have as much reading it as we had writing it.

Neither story is posted in its entirety yet. Once we find that there are people reading them (and hungry for more!) we will post the next parts. So go read. And let us know that you did. Because then we can post more so that you can read more and we can post more and...



Oh yeah...

And we have a poll, people! That's right: a genuine, bona-fide poll. I'll change it when we get a decent number of votes...or every week...or however often I feel like it... ::grins::. We'll be polling such interesting and earth-shattering things such as: who is your favorite Harry Potter character, what is your favorite Harry Potter rumor, who the HBP (half-blood prince) might be, possible characters to be killed off in book 6, and anything else I can think of. Now stop reading and go vote!

We have a guestbook as well. Right now, the link is at the bottom of this page, but I hope to get it on the homepage as well in the next couple of days.


New information about HP6

J. K. Rowling has announced on her site (FAQ section, under "about the books") that she is indeed going to, uh, "off" someone in book six. As in kill. Tabitha expects that this killing will be more final that the killing of Sirius. (He's not dead, I swear! Email me for my reasons. I don't think Odessa has gotten that up on the site yet). There are quite a few interesting tidbits that have been added. And don't forget to poke around for Easter Eggs. If you find any, email us, please! Tabitha hasn't the time to search properly, unfortunately. :)

In other news...Tabitha has begun earnest work on the encyclonary. Hopefully the first bits of it will be up in the next couple of weeks. Odessa and Tabitha both are working on a new fanfic which will be posted in weekly sections starting next week.

Send us all your rumors/ideas/hopes/dreams for the series, however kooky and off the wall! heard it through the Grapevine!




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